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Are you ready to live the life YOU were created to Live?

If you’re ready to Take Action and be Energized in all areas of your life then now is the time to realize that your life, as you wish it could be, is truly possible.

Together let’s embrace this journey with a one on one Energize U Session.

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Leisa Jenkins is the founder of TAKE ACTION. She is a Life coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She understands that, while a vibrant, passionate life is the goal, many people are hindered by obstacles that can obscure and block their pathway toward achieving that goal.

“The rest of your life requires clarity, motivation and resolve.”

Leisa developed these traits and more by experiencing and overcoming a childhood of adversity, then surrounding herself with mentors, coaches and others that share the same desire to serve people.

She is able to guide others in aligning themselves with who they really are, learning to understand their own personalities and emotions and how they interact with others, empowering them to bring their lives into balance and achieve extraordinary results.

Leisa has the ability to see clarity in conflict and chaos. Where counselors and psychologists may fail, she has the analytical insight to provide real solutions for real-life success. Leisa believes that with faith, belief, and action anything is possible.

Leisa combines her strengths with a straightforward, action-oriented guidance that quite simply, gets real results.

She can help you overcome your yesterday and open the door to a vibrant tomorrow. She wants to take her mission, to Change the World One Person at a Time, to every community around us. For that mission, she trains exceptional, talented coaches to help her succeed – it takes a team to build an empire of change.

A mother of four, Leisa has been happily married for 18 years. Her Christian faith is woven throughout her personal, family and professional life, helping her to guide and inspire her clients, friends, and family to a life of fulfillment based on compassion, honesty, and respect.

After training and gaining her certification with Excalibur Coaching, Focus, and with Kathy Peel, Leisa founded Family in Balance 8 years ago. She fell in love with the concept of Taking Action, so now presents Take Action Events in St. Louis featuring many of her students and mentors.

Leisa trains coaches and has coached thousands of individuals and families.

Leading teams to excel as a Corporate Coach, she discovers the strengths each person brings to the workplace.

She has been a Radio show host on 1380, The Woman, and 590 am. Her podcast with Family in Balance is popular today. She remains a consistent writer on many blogs sites and magazines.

Leisa is known to Energize you, instantly promoting change, within minutes of meeting her. She believes in you and knows that you are possible.

“YOU are truly a Rockstar and I am eager to help you believe it!”



“Coaching with Leisa helped me Discover the patterns of why I do or think certain things that are ultimately limiting me to stay where I am and not conquer my dreams. Leisa helped me to dig and bring awareness to the little(a few were big) nuances that kept me from, first recognizing the life of my dreams and then living the life of my dreams. Her Unique way of bridging Life/business coaching has caused me to realize I’ve lived my life in 3 stages: I was who I was, I just wasn’t aware of it(couldn’t define it, i was me), life happened, career, marriage,motherhood and I suddenly didnt feel like”me” and I was painfully aware. The third beautiful stage that I thrive in now after life coaching and the benefit of self discovery: I know who I am, what I stand for, and can recognize who and what will support me on my journey to living the life of my dreams! I think ANYONE and EVERYONE would benefit from life coaching!”

– Dr. Amy Horn


“After more than a decade in therapy with an excellent psychologist I still felt as though I had no control over my own life. Frustration, anger and the bitter weight of “my yesterdays” continued to drag me down as it had for nearly half my life. I can honestly say that, after only a few months of working with Leisa, I feel a sense of self-determination and the ability to enjoy life returning in a way that I haven’t felt in longer than I can remember and really never expected to feel again. I am profoundly grateful to her and could not recommend her any more highly.”

– Rob Theiss


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