5 Minutes Could Change Your Life

The key to effective time management is using small bits of time well.  Let’s create time to do more things that matter to YOU!

I am very passionate about 5-minute tasks. It is not about the time you spend on things. It is more about creating a habit to stick with things that matter most and create rapid results in your life.

I am sure you would agree most everything seems to happen in 5-minute time blocks. We have 5 minutes to check our e-mail before our work day begins. You may have 5 minutes to switch laundry out before heading out for the day.  5-minutes to prepare dinner before basketball.   My favorite is the 5 minutes I get to go to the bathroom before my family breaks the door down. Some of you, like me, run a business and have a family. Time is valuable, so we have to learn to think fast on our feet.

So how do we function in 5 minutes? The big question is “What Can We Do in 5 Minutes?” And still get the most out of it?

Frist let’s talk about the vicious Time wasters aka “energy vampires” they are everywhere and occur daily. From “to-do’s” to traffic, emails, you-tube, then the ever so popular Facebook all of which will rob you of valuable time if you let it. Now the point of this is not to tell you that you can’t do these things because even I do them. Just be aware of how they control your time. There are some that will complain about not getting things done, yet they spend hours scrolling Facebook and not maybe all at once but with little moments of every day and it sure adds up. I have learned to be a success I must be good a time management and learn to turn those vicious time wasters off.

How can you make a shift? To be successful at anything in life, you must learn to leverage time, think fast on our feet while devoting time to all areas of your life.

Below are simple solutions for you in every major department of your life. Pick a few and get started.

Take 5 for Your Spiritual Growth
Taking five minutes for God is a must. God cannot wait to talk to you each day! No matter where you are or what you are doing. God knows the intentions of your heart.  If you do not believe in God, then spend time thinking about your foundation and what you can do to make that strong.

  • Pray
  • Open your heart to joy, awe, and wonder
  • Thank God and list the blessing in your life
  • Download a daily Devotion App
  • Meditate

Take 5 for Yourself
Taking five minutes for yourself is unheard of, I know! But it is a must. You are no good to anyone else if you do not take time for yourself.

  • Daily Devotions
  • Exercise ( Yes, 5 minutes will do more than you can imagine)
  • Write a do list for the next day
  • Lotion of your feet
  • Sit and let your mind and boy relax
  • Spend 5 minutes with God
  • Paint your nails
  • Read you Goals
  • Say your affirmations in the mirror

Take 5 for Your Health
Heath can be anything from taking care of your body, seeing the right doctor, to taking a walk in the park. It can even be eating soothing healthy. Believe it or not, this can happen in 5 minutes.

  • Walk in place for 5 minutes
  • Call that doctor you have been trying to get in with
  • Lift a few weights
  • Grab an apple
  • Read a wellness blog
  • Make a shake
  • Lay out your meal plan for the week
  • Say 5 things out loud that you thankful for

Take 5 for Your Spouse
Do you want a strong marriage to role model to your family? Are you hoping you’re your spouse won’t lose interest or feel resentment towards you? Put your marriage high on your priority list. When your kids are all grown up and gone, you will have to spend time together. Don’t wait until then to make your marriage strong.

  • Hug, kiss, love and listen to them
  •  Say “Thank You” (even for small stuff)
  • Ask them about their day
  • Talk
  • Remember when you first fell in love with them (And bring it back to life).
  • Send and unexpected text full of life
  • Touch them( men love touch)
  • Look them in the eyes( woman love this)
  • Pray together

Take 5 for Your Family
Your family deserves you! They cannot wait to see you each day. Make every minute count. No one wants to look back in five years and have regrets. My mother-in-law told me just before she died, that she wished she would have spent less time on the house and more time with her kids. Don’t let that be you

  • Write a special note and put it on their bed or in their lunchbox
  • Read a story
  • Pray as a family
  • Put dinner in the crock pot
  • Hugs all around
  • Get on the floor and play
  • Ask them about their day
  • Turn 1 song on and dance till you drop
  • Say “Thank You.”
  • Sign homework folders for the next day
  • Brush your daughter’s hair and paint her nails
  • Sing a song
  • Read the family bible

Take 5 for Your Home
Your home is always last on the list. That does not mean that you need to live in the nasty house on the corner. It means that everything else comes before your home. Spend time with your kids before you do the dishes. Exercise before you worries about laundry. It will all be there when you get done! These five-minute task will help you stay on top of it. Spend a few days removing clutter in your home and use these tips to maintain it.

  • Sort thru a junk drawer
  • Clean a medicine cabinet
  • Purge through a basket of magazines or catalogs
  • Remove clutter from one area
  • Wipe fingerprints off door knobs and light switches
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Throw a load in the wash
  • Fold a load of laundry
  • Sew on a button
  • Empty all waste cans
  • Dust the T.V.
  • Vacuum a room
  • Sweep the front porch
  • Water plants
  • Check air pressure in your tires
  • Sort mail
  • Pay a few bills
  • Answer emails
  • Purge email box
  • Get clothes ready for the next day
  • Dishes
  • Dust ceilings fans
  • Dump a can of coke in your toilet

Take 5 for your Job or career

Whether you work for someone else, entrepreneur or leader.  Your day may be similar.  Hitting goals and getting results can be tricky with your to-do list. Breaking it up into smaller task will help you define the day.

  • Check your email and dedicate focused times to checking it twice a day
  • Write a Thank you card
  • File the daunting pile of papers on your desk
  • Write 5 areas you can delegate
  • Make 1 phone call
  • Post your social media post
  • Set 5 goals for the week
  • Update your calendar
  • Say your daily affirmations

What can you add to this 5-minute task? How do you accomplish things in your day?






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