7 Steps to Crushing Problems in Life and Business


We all have problems, right? We all want them to go away, and somehow they always seem to find us. No matter what you do, problems are always around. So why not hit them head on with the right attitude! Those of you reading this article might be a business owner, individual, stay at home parent or two working parents, and life can get sticky.

You are about to dive into CRUSHING  your problems, but first I want you to take a minute and think about how you are currently solving problems in your life.  Go ahead………………………..


Some solve problems FAST and miss details; some AVOID them at all cost others see it as a battle that is often lost.   There are those people out there that seem to have it all together and solve problems quick and appropriate. Understand they have worked hard to master this art.  So let’s not judge.  It takes tenacity to be a catalyst in your own life.

I have coached hundreds of individuals, teaching them how to waiver through problems and storms.  Each of them started at the same place you may be.

Unfortunately,  Storms will never stop coming you have to learn to dance in the rain.  It’s not about problems arising; it’s about how you manage yourself in all situations.

Problems can come in many shapes or sizes. From personal to professional problems. You could be dealing with relationship problems to the death of a loved on one. Maybe it’s paying your bills to find the right career path or even parenting your children.

Each problem comes with stress, and I promise each problem has a solution no matter how hard that may be to find or see at the moment.

Overcoming problems requires patience. Sometimes it is necessary to find the core issue of the problem that keeps arising or won’t go away. There are root causes and blind spots associated with your problems.  If you are ready to discover them, I would love to chat with you.

Let’s take this one step further, if you are a parent or leader consider who is watching you and what are you teaching them?

In this specific article let’s chat about your kids for a moment ( side thought) Just like adults kids have problems, sure they might not be on the same scale as yours but don’t be fooled by measuring them. You might catch yourself saying “you have it easy as a kid” When I was growing up……”

AWWWW stop. Please don’t invalidate your children’s feelings. Practice the art of listening.

If we as parents are not dealing with our problems well, what are we teaching our kids?
The point is problems surround us.   Not just you but each person around you.  You are not alone on this journey.

If you are ready to crush, the problems in your life and business keep reading.  Have an open mind, let go……..   It is time to no longer allow your problems to control you.  It is time to control your problems.

 7  Steps to Crushing Problems in Life and Business 
1. Trust- Trust yourself to make a sound decision. Most of the population has a hard time even trusting themselves. Once you make a decision, you can always make an another decision. Trust yourself enough to take the first step in solving the problem. You may be limited by triggers, perception or blind spots.  If that may be you and you just can not figure this out, please reach out to us here.  Our mission is to help each person be the person they were created to be.

2. Hit the rewind button- When you are in the midst of sudden problems don’t be afraid to breathe and hit the rewind button. Remember you are in control of your emotions.  So breathe, count to 10 and start again.

3. Ask yourself– ‘ if my best friend called me- what would I tell them to do?” Simple solution here. YOU do that!

4. Bring back past accomplishments- Recall a time in your life when you accomplished something great, bring yourself to the emotion you were feeling and play on that emotion.

5. Be grateful- often we only talk about the things that are not happening, and we forget the things that are.  Take some time to think about the people and things in your life that are working. That will bring great peace and momentum to your life along with the confidence to solve the problem at hand.

6. Seek advice- This one is tricky.  You must only seek advice from people who are not in their own circle of crazy.  Be very aware of who you are allowing to guide you.  I seek people who are honest, solving problems with confidence, and getting great results in their life.   Make certain that you have people in your life that bring you up.  You have a choice as to how people will impact your life and thoughts.

7. Disconnect –  This is an important part of solving problems and getting results.  Don’t be afraid to tell your spouse or boss that you need some time to think. This is not a time for you to get on your phone, play or chat with a friend. This is a time for you to have peace in your head and connect your heart. Peace won’t comes where there is conflict. So leave you phone at home, turn the T.V off and disconnect.

Solving problems can be hard but only if you say they are!   Fear and uncertainty are one of the leading causes of why you are not solving problems with confidence.    Believe in yourself and the knowledge you have been given.

If you or someone you know has a difficult time crushing the problems in life or business, feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment right here. I would love to help you crush problems and excel to the top.





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